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Toimitusaika: 3-5 päivä(ä)


HYVÄKUNTOINEN. Sisältää kannet, ohjekirjan ja levyn.

TRON: Evolution is one of the keys to unlocking the TRON mythology.

The games story takes place before the film begins. The games release prior to the film means fans get time to experience the new TRON world on a next-gen game platform. The TRON film features dialogue and story that will connect to its storys past, which players will experience in the video game

In the game, you play as a program named Anon (Anonymous) and as you venture through the TRON world discovering the reason behind the Abraxas viral outbreak, youll see locations, vehicle and weapons unique to the Evolution video game as you make new allies and new enemies. TRON (VG) stars Olivia Wilde as Quorra and Bruce Boxleitner as Tron, reprising their roles from the upcoming Tron: Legacy.

The game features high mobility combat, enabling the player to run and jump around the world both to fight enemies with disc based and melee combat. The player uses a parkour style movement to explore and climb the new digital world of Tron. The game features elements synonymous to the TRON world The iconic light cycles are advanced versions that take on a major component in the game to enable racing and grid combat The player will experience the digital TRON world and interact with different inhabitants of the cyber universe. The story takes place across a digital world with unique locations that expand for miles.

TRON: Evolution features persistent player progression connecting a players offline experience with their online experience

The players results during their offline game affect their online game and vice versa Meaning that if the player comes to a disc station at level 5 during their single player story mode game, they can go online and level up their character to say level 7 and possibly earn a new disc type. That new level and disc variation are then bought back into the single player game exactly where it should have.