Murdered Soul Suspect PS3 (käytetty) CiB

Toimitusaika: 3-5 päivä(ä)


Murdered: Soul Suspect panee sinut tutkimaan omaa murhaasi. Häikäilemätön tappaja saa nirhattua päähenkilömme Ronan O’Connorin, mutta tämä palaa takaisin aavena ja alkaa väsymättömästi selvittää omaa murhatapaustaan.

When Ronan O’Connor, a detective with a checkered past, gets caught up in a burglary, his life is brought to an untimely end by a brutal and relentless killer.

Shocked to find himself in the afterlife, his only escape from the limbo world of 'Dusk' is to uncover the truth behind his killer, track him down and bring him to justice using new-found supernatural abilities.

As Ronan, you have freedom to explore the town of Salem: its wooden houses, narrow streets, gothic churches and mental asylum for clues. Battle demonic spirits to save your soul and uncover the shocking revelations about who is responsible for your death.